Glycol Products
Glycol Products of ours are known as the food additives. These are needed to preserve moisture, flavour and color. These are useful for some medications as well as cosmetic products.
Melamine Powder
Melamine powder is a colourless crystalline substance that belongs to the heterocyclic organic compounds. It is known as a starting material that is used to make synthetic resins. The powder has abundant amount of nitrogen.
Ceramic Chemical
Ceramic Chemicals are the inorganic and non-metallic, chemicals, which are widely used in several countries. The said additives are the hard, brittle and strong-compression chemicals.
Quaternary Ammonium Compounds
Quaternary Ammonium Compounds we deal in are functional as the surfactants, fabric softeners, disinfectants, and as antistatic agents. These have long shelf life and high utility. 
Detergent Additives
Detergent additives, we offer are used to clean as well as neutralize oil impurities. These can do away with the corrosion on account of their rust inhibiting properties.
PVC Foaming Agent
PVC Foaming Agents are widely used in the industries of Rubber, Plastic, PVC, footwear etc. These are suited for the enlargement of PVC, synthetic and natural rubbers.
Drilling Chemicals
Drilling Chemicals are used for drilling applications. The range includes both liquid and forms of these chemicals that are safe and simple to use for industrial applications. 
Agriculture Chemicals
Agricultural chemicals supplied by us can be used as the fungicides, insecticides, pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides. The agriculture industry needs these chemicals for controlling the pests. These assist in the production of plants and herbs. 
Speciallity Chemicals
Speciality Chemicals, supplied by us are needed for the advanced production in many sectors. Many industrial process become easy with the usage of these chemicals. Performance and processing of many solutions depend on these chemicals.
Chemical Compound
Chemical Compounds are known for their versatility in use and high utility. We offer these at budget-friendly price to our patrons. The compounds are functional enough to use in assorted industries. 
Formic Acid
Formic Acid is used as a preservative as well as antibacterial agent. This is also utilized as a livestock feed. It is sprayed on fresh hay & other silage. This is used for the preservation of winter feed used for cattle.

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