Glycol Products

Glycol products we deal in are chemicals commonly used in several industrial and commercial applications. In some applications, these are used to treat occasional constipation. The said products belong to a specific class of medications known as osmotic laxatives. Glycol Products, supplied by SGS & Company, are functional as ophthalmic solutions that relieve irritation, burning, and discomfort. Also, these can treat bowel movements of various types. Applicable as the high-quality and safe to use laxatives, these can treat occasional constipation as well as irregular bowel movements. Offered osmotic laxatives are accessible at cost-effective rates.

Polyethylene Glycol

  • Chemical Name:PEG
  • Supply Ability:1000 Per Day
Price: 100 INR/Kilograms

Diethylene Glycol - DEG

  • Application:Rubber, Industrial, Paints, Textile Industry, Lubricants, Oil Industry
  • Form:Liquid
  • Taste:Other
  • Type:Glycol
  • Chemical Name:DEG
  • Classification:Other
  • Main Material:meg + teg
  • Supply Ability:10000 Per Week
Price: 85 INR/Kilograms

Mono Ethylene Glycol MEG

  • Supply Ability:10000 Per Day
  • Application:Paper, Oil Industry, Industrial, Textile Industry, medicine, Organic Synthesis, Plastic, Fertilizer, Rubber, Pharmaceutical, Water Treatment, Paints, Printing Industry, Lubricants, Metal
  • Type:Glycol
  • Taste:Other
  • Form:Liquid
  • Chemical Name:MEG
  • Melting Point:-12.9 C
  • CAS No:107-21-1
Price: 65 INR/Kilograms

Triethylene Glycol (TEG)

  • Supply Ability:1000 Per Day
  • Chemical Name:TEG
Price: 105 INR/Kilograms

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